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Admissions of students without regard to race, color


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Why AIS?

Principal’s Message

The team of AIS strives ardently to nurture the budding students towards a better future and towards achieving great success […]

Imran Qureshi



Imran Qureshi


The team of AIS strives ardently to nurture the budding students towards a better future and towards achieving great success […]


AIS has maintained the following ethos in sync with its mission to ensure ethics and morals of the Islam in its everyday learning processes:

  • Separate premises for boys and girls.
  • Congregational Salah [Prayers] to foster universal brotherhood and encourage equality among all.
  • Maintaining a ratio of approximately 20 students per class to facilitate better student—teacher relationshipand personalized attention.
  • Monthly educational excursionsforprimary and secondary, annual training camps, and Karate training camps for higher secondary students.
  • Stress on moral education for creating responsible citizens of the society.


  • Sophisticated and Advanced Classrooms: Air-conditioned and well-equipped classrooms with state-of-the-art smart boards to facilitate the best of learning by engaging the audio-visual faculties of students.
  • ICT laboratory: A well-developed computer laboratory equipped with advanced computers.
  • Science laboratories: Our Young Scientists explore the world of science with several biological specimens, chemicals and physical tools made available to them for experimentation and learning.

Islamic and Arabic Subjects at AIS

The school aims at bringing up students who personify the profound spirit, vision, and skills of true and able Muslims who would be the ‘Generation Next’ torch bearers of the world.

Arabic Language • Tarjamatul Qur’an • Hadith • Tawheed • Hifz of the Qur’an • Fiqh • Dua • Tajweed&Qira’at and others are taught by the best and dedicated teachers.

Islamic Studies • Tafseer of the Qur’an • Hadith • Fiqh• Seerah of the Prophet (pbuh).

The ‘Regular Hifz’ program to memorize the complete Qur’an for selected students who pursue regular studies simultaneously is usually accomplished in 4 years, starting from class 2 through class 5.


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Swimming classes are conducted once a week, with separate timings for girls and boys, to help AIS students maintain a fit and healthy body.

Football coaching is provided for boys, thrice a week after school hours, to help in boosting their agility and overall fitness level.

Children are trained in Karate to impart them self-defense lessons as well as to enhance their physical fitness level.

AIS organizes Silver Zone Olympiad Examination, ASSET examination, and The Cambridge ESOL examinations.

Special workshops are organized and conducted at AIS to help children gain new skills.

AIS organizes annual sports day, presenting diverse sport events including karate demonstration drills,a variety of theme-based races, relays and jumps for students from nursery onwards, etc to imbibe in students the sportsmanship spirit.

Occasionally, students at AIS get opportunity to interact with world-renowned speakers and singers to inspire and enlighten them.