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English Language Services to Optimize your Chances of Publication Internationally

INCI Studio specializes in providing general, scientific, and academic English language editing, translation, and publication support services to students, researchers, corporates, and institutes and help them get published in leading, high-impact factor international journals. With a wide-spread presence across the world, we serve as the face of global English language service provider, especially to non-native English speakers.


Successful improvisation to enhance appeal

Our language experts can upgrade your document in terms of language, appeal, and form by correcting, revising, and enhancing the English quality to international standards.


Extensive optimization to create impact

Our subject matter experts and editors work together to thoroughly edit your draft for logic, structure, presentation, and overall content to make it publication ready.


Basic polishing to eliminate errors

Our experts minutely scan your documents and papers for mechanical and grammar errors to make it error-free grammatically with concentrated attention to detail.


Content structuring as per publication standards

We format manuscripts and documents as required by the publication journal and correct the style and form of the paper for style compliance.


Best possible localization in several languages

We have successfully worked on creating efficient and accurate translation copies from English to several regional and global languages and vice-versa.


Designing multipurpose content media

We create power point presentations, design posters, create videos and animation, voice-overs, etc. for presentation, seminars, conferences, and academic purposes.

Security & Availability

24-h Customer Service
Talk to us anytime

We are always available to help you figure out issues, answer your queries, or handle urgent jobs through our email and phone support.

Data Security
Robust encryption system

We make sure that your data and content remains confidential by implementing strong policies and procedures to protect valuable information.

Hassle-free Payment
Secure payment system

We have ensured that billing and payments take least bit of time and hassle by installing a reliable, safe, secure, and smooth payment system.

INCI Studio Advantage

What makes us preferable is our efficient and safe system and reliable processing of jobs that guarantee maximum quality at minimum time and expense!

Dual-Editor System
Specialized Subject Matching
Timely Delivery
Responsible Ownership
Complete Client Satisfaction
Full and Active Support

Collaborations with Educational Institutes and Publishers

INCI Studio is the preferred partner for several leading universities, institutions, research centers and educational organizations globally. We have also collaborated with prominent publishers internationally to address publication challenges.

For Educational Partners

Our Role:
  • We increase the chances of publication and improve the research performances of the institutes at large
  • Successful publication has obviously enhanced the global research output of affiliated institutes
  • Consistent publication performance has positively affected the academic reputation of our partnering institutions

For Publishers

Our Role:
  • Our collaboration has increased our partnering publishers’ brand reach, appeal, and visibility
  • Our technological intervention has helped publishers integrate with major online submission systems
  • Our consistent resourceful knowledge base has provided our partners with a competitive advantage